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Obama and His Compassion Mirage David Limbaugh | Nov 22, 2013

Obama and His Compassion Mirage

David Limbaugh | Nov 22, 2013
David Limbaugh

President Barack Obama, the quintessential leftist, would have us believe, as would all leftists, that his overarching motivation is his compassion but, like most leftists, reveals through his actions that his driving passion is not so much concern for his fellow man as it is an obsession to control people.

That explains why Obama isn't the slightest bit sympathetic about people losing their health care coverage as a direct result of his fraudulent advertising on Obamacare and why, so far, he has callously resisted all calls for a reset of the worst policy train wreck on the longest policy train in memory.

But Obama's inflexible ideology is not the only thing holding him back from doing the right thing -- assuming he would even want to, which is a gracious assumption at this point; his hubris and self-interest are in the mix, as well.

He has too much pride to concede that his baby, his signature policy "achievement" -- the Affordable Care Act -- is a disaster, despite all evidence leading to that inescapable conclusion. Of course, that is partly because he doesn't consider it a policy disaster, only a public relations disaster, as his goal all along has been a single-payer system.

Anyone who examines the administration's now-exposed unapologetic pre-rollout predictions that the ACA would drive most people off their plans knows it has always been a Trojan horse for a single-payer plan.

What is Obama the compassionate doing to relieve people of the hardship he is causing? Well, he's back in campaign mode, telling his hapless, die-hard defenders that he's not about to abandon his monomaniacal quest to force lower-quality, reduced-access, higher-priced government-run health care on the citizens of the country against which he holds an abiding grudge.

But this thing is unraveling even faster than he anticipated, and both the website and the canceled policies have destroyed his credibility and approval ratings. Even some of his party's officeholders are beginning to jump ship -- out of sheer political self-preservation.

Obama the caring is scrambling not to alleviate Americans' pain but to save his own skin and his presidential reputation. Reverting to mob boss mode, he summoned insurance executives and leaned on them to reissue policies he'd put the hit on. It was the Obamacare equivalent of "Just plug the damn hole." But this time, he'd run out of juice, and the insurance executives -- who, like bank executives and others, have been the subject of his intimidation and shakedowns in the past -- told him to pound salt.

But don't think Obama's desperate measures to save face while pretending to help others is anything new. He has a habit of placing his reputation above the interests of those he cares so deeply about.

A few examples from my book "The Great Destroyer" will illustrate the consistency in Obama's non-other-directedness. It's all about him -- not the people, not the vaunted middle class, not the downtrodden -- just him and only him.

Do you remember when Obama lost his cool and confronted Arizona Gov. Jan Brewer on the airport tarmac because she had described him as arrogant in a previous encounter between the two? Brewer later related that Obama "was a little disturbed" about her book and "a bit thin-skinned." Video footage of the incident put the lie to Obama's disingenuous denials.

Concerning the Gulf oil spill, a congressional investigative committee found that local officials claimed the administration had been more focused on avoiding bad press than on addressing the disaster. The committee's chairman, Darrell Issa, concluded, "The evidence on the ground suggests that the White House has been more focused on the public relations of this crisis than with providing local officials the resources they need to deal with it."

More recently, we learned of another example of Obama's putting himself first at the expense of Americans he "cares" about. A top tech official for the Obamacare exchanges warned days before the website's launch that White House insiders were nervous the site would be "unavailable" after its launch and would be a big embarrassment. A series of emails on Sept. 25 from project manager Henry Chao, obtained by Fox News, reveals the administration's concern about a public relations disaster. Chao suggested the administration develop a plan to inform the public about the website in order to prevent the media from "just ramping up the hyperbole about not (being) functional."

Obama is not concerned with the people losing their plans, or he wouldn't be obsessing over public relations and ignoring the people's suffering, and he wouldn't be continuing to lie about what is destined to unfold with the next round of canceled plans, which, by all estimates, will dwarf this round.

Let's talk about Obama's Obamacare lies not as if they're a phenomenon of the past but as if they're part of an ongoing pattern of prioritizing his own personal interests ahead of those of the nation and its people.

David Limbaugh

David Limbaugh

David Limbaugh, brother of radio talk-show host Rush Limbaugh, is an expert in law and politics and author of new book Crimes Against Liberty, the definitive chronicle of Barack Obama's devastating term in office so far.

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