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The Following is an excerpt from the book "See I Told You So" by Rush H. Limbaugh, III from Chapter 6: Dead White Guys or What Your History Books Never Told You. Page 66.  It is the truth about the history of Christopher Columbus discovering of America. 


Let's start at the beginning with America's first important dead white male—Christopher Columbus.  The politically correct view of old Chris today is that the Italian explorer did not actually discover America, because people were already living here.  And, more important, he brought nothing to the peaceful New World "paradise" but oppression, disease, brutality, and genocide.


            First of all, let me state something unequivocally: Columbus really did discover America.  By making that claim, I am obviously not suggesting that no human being had set foot on the continent before 1492.  But there can be no denying that Columbus was the person who brought America to the attention of the Technologically advanced, civilized world and paved the way for the expansion of Western civilization (what a horrifying thought).  True, if Algore, had discovered the New World, we would still be living in the jungle exchanging wampum for milo.  If you long for that scenario, please discontinue reading at this point.


            What kind of world did Columbus discover?  Did he find blissful natives living in perfect harmony with one another and communing with nature, as today's liberals would have us believe?  Hardly. 


            What he found was a land sparsely inhabited by nomadic hunting tribes.  Many were constantly on the verge of starvation.  They had not yet discovered the wheel and had no written language.  Tribe against tribe—they lived a violent and brutal existence.  Of those Caribbean Indians Columbus came into contract with, the Arawaks attacked and enslaved the Siboney.  The Caribs feasted (literally) on members of both tribes. 


            Here's a scene one of Columbus' search parties discovered on Guadeloupe: "They found large cuts and joints of human flesh…caponized Arawak boy captives who were being fattened for the griddle, and girl captives who were mainly used to produce babies, which the Caribs regarded as a particularly toothsome morsel."


            Today, it is fashionable to romanticize Indian life.  But even a cursory examination of the historical record shows that life was far from utopian for these people—long before Columbus.  In fact, while there were certainly atrocities against Indians by white people, there were just as many—and probably to greater degree of savagery—committed by other Indians.  Also, there are more American Indians alive today than there were when Columbus arrived or at any other time in history.  Does that sound like a record of genocide?


            Know this: When you hear people bashing Christopher Columbus, as they did incessantly during the five-hundredth anniversary celebrations I 1992, Columbus himself is merely a symbol, a vehicle, a retrospective scapegoat; their real target is America and Western civilization.  The Indians were wonderful, they say.  They dead white men were the oppressors.  It's all so black and white to the revisionists.  These Columbasher harbor an irrebuttable (in their own minds) presumption of prejudice against Western culture.  Historical facts and evidence at variance with their predisposition, if ever even considered, are summarily rejected.  At the core of this anti-Western view is a not-so-subtle racism so insidious and pervasive as to be almost unspeakable. 


But I will speak about it.  Let me translate multiculture-speak for you and put it into more direct language we all can understand: Indians are good.  White Europeans are bad.   Blacks are good. Asians, we're not too sure about.  Regardless of how they camouflage it, this is the essence of multiculturalism and the kind of psychobabble being disseminated in our institutions of higher learning today.  The corollary themes are that character and identity are primarily shaped ascribe fictitious misdeeds to people not alive to defend themselves; then they categorically indict the entire race for the fabricated atrocities attributed to some.  Is this not overt racism emanating from self-describe ethnically and racially sensitive people?  If we have learned anything in this country in the last thirty years, isn't it that we should judge people by the content of their character rather than the color of their skin?  Isn't that what Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. taught us?  Why, then are liberals allowed to get away with this stuff?
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