Thursday, September 26, 2013

What to Shutdown. What to Protect.

There's a lot that needs to be shutdown in Washington: borrowing money to pay our bills, spending without accountability, waste, and tax increases on our families and small businesses.  There are also priorities worth protecting:  that paycheck for a deployed service member, a Social Security check for an elderly woman, and the economic stability that results from global confidence in our nation's ability to pay our bills.  As America wrestles with our financial challenges, here's where I stand:

Shutdown debt.
No nation can survive by borrowing nearly 1/3 of what it spends.

Shutdown waste. Audit the Federal Reserve.  Audit the Department of Defense.  Aggressively limit government.  Aggressively increase accountability. 

Shutdown tax increases. Our nation has a spending problem—not a taxing problem. 

Shutdown Obamacare.  An over 2,000 page bill with $1 trillion in taxes that is resulting in premium increases and hiring reductions.  Shut it down.

Protect Those Who Serve.  If you wear the uniform of our Armed Services, you shouldn't wonder if you will have a paycheck when the mortgage is due or the pantry is low.

Protect Seniors.  Medicare and Social Security should be dependable and consistent for the millions of seniors who rely on them.

Pay Our Bills. Allowing the U.S. to default on its debts would jeopardize economic recovery and impact every American family.  We must pay our bills. 

My Solutions:

  • Balanced Budget Amendment, H.J.Res.1.  Constitutionally require that Congress cannot spend more than it receives in revenues.  
  • Full Faith and Credit Act, H.R. 807. A simple safeguard to prevent default: require the Treasury to first use revenues to pay down public debt. 
  • Guarantee Paychecks for America's Military Families Act, H.R. 342. Ensure paychecks for service members. 
  • Protect Social Security and Medicare, H.R.3161Protect Social Security checks and ensure seniors' access to Medicare.
  • Tax Code Termination Act, H.R.352.  Abolish and recreate the tax code so it is simple and fair.
  • Congressional Accountability Pay Act, H.R.284.  Hold Members of Congress accountable for spending by tying Members' salaries directly to spending– the more they spend, the less they make. 
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